Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fair Day

Daddy, Nana Hamilton, Declan and I went to the Everegreen State Fair on Sunday. When we arrived we headed to the animal barns. Declan loved seeing all the animals. First he checked out the chickens, ducks and pheasants!

Declan wanted to see the dairy cows next. He saw Holsteins, Jerseys and lots of other types. 

After visiting with the cows, he decided to become a cowboy. He looks handsome!

Ride 'em cowboy! 

This is a 10 day old calf! 

After we left the cows, we saw pedal tractors for Declan to ride!

Here's Declan checking out the alpacas! 

After the alpacas we went to see the goats. Declan liked them. He poked his fingers through the fence and tried to touch them. He would giggle and pull his hand back when he felt their fur. 

Here are the piglets and the sow! 

Declan got to pet a 10 day old kid!

Then he touched a piglet! 

More piglets! 

 Then we went to watch the Aztec Indian dancers. Declan was fasicnated by drumming and the beautiful costumes. He kicked his feet and wiggled all over.

After the dancers we checked out the Great American Petting Zoo. We saw three fawns, a pig, several goats, two wallabies, a donkey, an alpaca, and chickens.

After the petting zoo we grabbed a snack to eat and wandered some more around the fair. We saw a few horses, dogs and bunnies. Declan took a snooze in his stroller. It was a great day! 

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