Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arizona October Trip - Day 1!

At the beginning of October we flew to Phoenix. Brad was a groomsman in the Luthman's wedding in Scottsdale. Grammy and Pops came along to bask in the sunshine and watch Declan while we were at the wedding. Since we had Great Nana's home to stay in, we decided to have a little vacation too!

We arrived on Wednesday night and got to our place about 11 pm. Of course Declan was wide awake since he slept the whole way down. He was perfect on the plane! We got him settled. Thursday morning was a day of stocking the house with necessities, but we still had time for some fun. Brad hadn't been to Joe's Real BBQ before so after running errands we went for lunch. Just after we sat down to eat Declan had a first: he puked all over himself and Brad's foot and leg! It was disgusting. The funniest part was after the initial shock, he picked up some food and kept right on eating! HAHA! I think he was just over heated. We got him cleaned up and changed. Then we all enjoyed our sandwiches and especially our giant root beer floats!
Giant root beer floats!

Pre puke outfit 

Post puke BBQ pictures: 

After lunch I spotted the Gilbert water tower and suggested we walk over and check it out.... in the 98 degree sun! We found a fountain park for Declan to play in! He didn't get too wet, but we all cooled down! 

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