Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arizona October Trip Day 2, 3, 4

On Friday, Grammy, Declan and I spent time around Great Nana's house. We also walked to Kohl's and I got a dress for the wedding. Daddy and Pops went for a hike. When they came back, we went to the pool. Declan dipped his toes in the pool and wanted to swim, but the rules say he's not allowed in the water! In the afternoon we headed to the airport to pick up our rental car to drive to the rehearsal dinner. Declan came along with us and was a perfect guest. We wandered around the Boojum Tree and then went to Isabella's for the dinner. We sat outside in the sunshine and it was a great evening!

The following morning, Brad headed out for the wedding first thing. Declan and I stayed with his grandparents and we played in the green way, went for a walk and went to the pool! In the afternoon, Grammy and Pops dropped me off at the wedding and took Declan home for the evening. Brad and I had a nice time at the wedding. The venue was eclectic western decor and it was really pretty. Can you believe that I didn't take any pictures??

On Sunday, Brad and Pops once again headed out for a hike. We took Declan to the flea market for a little shopping. I've already started my Christmas shopping! He was a great shopper. In the afternoon we went to the pool and played with Daddy.

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