Monday, October 20, 2014


Over the weekend we went up to the cabin with the Linn's and the Minish's to go to Oktoberfest. We met Saturday morning, unloaded our groceries and drove over the pass to Leavenworth. The girls got to ride together and visit. When we arrived in Leavenworth we waited in line to get into the tents. As soon as we came in the gates,we saw Gina and Mike! We were excited to see them. Declan gave them a big smile. We headed over to grab a beer, then went to get Andria some lunch. Declan and Sage ate lunch too. While we ate we all visited and listened to the Oktoberfest band. Declan really liked the shiny tubas.

After lunch we took the kids into the tent behind the lunch hall to watch the dancers do traditional German dancing. We heard a yodeler and walked out to see him and a guy on a giant horn. Next we took the kids over to a different tent where there was lots of space for them to dance. Andria, Sage and Declan had a great time dancing.

 Eventually we headed out to do some wine tasting. Then we all met in the center of town where Andria, Joel and Brad had a gourd fight!

After the gourd fight we made our way over the mountains and back to the cabin for the night. We had taco salads for dinner, visited, played cards and all went to bed. In the morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast, cleaned up and headed home!

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