Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bethlehem at Gold Creek

On Friday Declan spent the day in Snohomish while I subbed in Brittany's classroom, so he was pretty worn out. I picked up and we went into town with Grammy to look at the decorations. Then we headed home to get ready to go to Bethlehem. Grammy, Pop, and Aunt Paula came over for garlic shrimp dinner. We went to Gold Creek church just up the road for their Bethlehem Experience. It was great. The floor is covered in sawdust and all the people are dressed in costume from the time period of Jesus's birth. There are several "shops" and each person gets a bag of coins to use while in Bethlehem. Declan made a bracelet, smelled frankincense and myrrh, looked at the Roman soldiers, the jail, the temple and many more places.

Next we went to the live nativity with a camel, donkey, and sheep. Baby Jesus was asleep in his manager when we walked past the nativity. 

After the nativity, we went to listen to Christmas Carols and the story of Jesus's birth. We were all worn out and headed home and straight to bed! 

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