Friday, December 12, 2014

Seattle Santa Day

Thursday was our annual Seattle Santa day. My mom and I have gone every year for years to spend one day in Seattle enjoying the lights and festivities of the city. We also do a little shopping and of course visit Santa at Macy's.

As soon as Declan woke up from his morning nap, Grammy, Declan and I headed to Seattle. We parked at Pacific Place and headed upstairs to see the nutcrackers on display around the mall. We also visited Santa's Cabin.

  While we were at Santa's Cabin, Santa invited Declan to come and talk with him. Declan really liked Santa and smiled and smiled at him. Santa asked Declan if he liked to read and Declan shook his head yes! I was in shock, he never shakes his head yes! Santa asked if he liked to play with cars and trucks and he shook his head yes again! We said good bye to Santa after talking a few more minutes. We admired more nutcrackers around Santa's Cabin.

Then we headed outside and checked out the Christmas Tree by Westlake Center. We did a little shopping but didn't buy anything before heading over to Macy's. Declan loved looking at the Macy's Star. He stared and stared at it. We went to Santa Land on the 6th floor. The three of us waited for Papa and Daddy to meet us so we could visit Santa. Once they arrived, Declan eagerly sat with Santa for several pictures. Then we all checked out the reindeer around Santa Land. 

After visiting Santa, we walked over to the Sheraton Hotel to see the giant, elaborate gingerbread houses. 

Here's the gingerbread house that Brad's firm created:

A gingerbread house of Seattle:

Next we went to the Arc'teryx store. Declan loved looking at himself in the mirror. 

We took Declan for a ride on the carousel at Westlake Center. It was very windy but he loved it.

 When we walked to the third floor of Pacific Place to eat dinner, we found another nutcracker!

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