Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday in Snohomish

Sunday afternoon we headed up to Snohomish to spend the afternoon with Grammy and Pop. We made centerpieces for our tables for Christmas. Declan was happy to play with Daddy while we made the centerpieces.

We went inside to exchange Christmas gifts. Delcan was totally spoiled with a train set, lots of books rain boots, mittens and pjs. He liked playing with the children's nativity Grammy had out. Grammy and Papa also gave our family a beautiful nativity set! What a treat! 

My dad and I went over to pick up Great Nana for dinner. Sarah Beth and Todd came down too. They had caught fresh crab. Declan was delighted to look in the bucket and watch the crabs move their pinchers. Then we all enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner! The boys chowed down on Christmas cookies while watching the Seahawks game! Declan was thrilled to be sitting next to Uncle Todd since Todd fed him cookies! 

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