Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chef Declan!

Declan and I had a busy day today! We cleaned around our house, went to the library and library park. Then we went to the grocery store. Cod was on sale so we bought two fillets.

After nap time, Declan practiced his new climbing skills. While we were in his room, he moved his radio towards his rocking chair and climbed onto it to read a story. Of course I had my back turned putting away clothes and when I turned around, this is what I saw:

I tried to recreate the moment but with me watching he didn't make it on to the chair. 

Chef Declan wanted to help make the fish n' chips for dinner. I measured the ingredients for the cod's breading while he stood on the stool and watched. He loves being on the stool. I let him pour each item in to the bowl and then he stirred and stirred and stirred! We let that sit for 20 minutes and then we made the tarter sauce. Again Declan poured the ingredients into the bowl and then he stirred and stirred. It was so fun to watch his excitement. He danced and wiggled on the stool while he stirred and listened to music. 

And now the tarter sauce: 

Declan didn't help with the frying because I didn't want him burned or splattered with hot oil. He was really disappointed. Brad was trying to keep him entertained but he kept sneaking back in to see what was happening. We put him in his high chair so he could keep tabs on the cooking and start to eat! Here he is eating the fist and tarter he helped make. 

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