Monday, January 26, 2015


We've been having unseasonably warm weather this January. It's been 62 the last couple days so we've been taking advantage of the warm weather!

After church on Sunday we finally got a battery in Thomas the Train. Declan loved riding it. He hasn't quite learned that he has to keep the button pushed down or Thomas stops moving. Brad or I have to hold it and run next to Thomas!

In the afternoon we rode our bikes on the Sammamish river trail. We stopped at Redhook and then road back to the car. We also took a detour to a playground, which Declan was too tired to enjoy!

On Monday Declan and I went to the zoo with our friends the Linns and Grospes. Declan had so much fun being at the zoo with his friends! When we went to the Northern Trail and walked in to see the otters he smiled and said "oootters." Unfortunately the otters were sunning themselves and not swimming! We also got to see the three month old lion clubs playing with their parents! It was really cool!

After dinner tonight we celebrate Declan's baptism anniversary! Here he is with his candle.

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