Friday, January 2, 2015

NYE 2014

New Year's Eve 2014 the Linn's, Grospe's, Christiane, Missy and Joel joined Brad, Declan and me for an evening of appetizers and games.

The kids had a great time sitting and eating at Declan's new picnic table. They colored lots of pictures of Elsa from Frozen. Sam brought materials to make party hats. Each of the kids decorated a party hat to wear at "midnight" (9 pm).

 The Party Animals: 

 After the kids headed to bed we played games. We had a great time laughing together and playing Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity. We stayed up way too late. The Linn's stayed the night and the rest of our friends headed home around 2.

In the morning we relaxed with Sandi and Travis while Sage and Andria played with Declan. We had breakfast together and then the Linn's headed home.

Declan took a very long nap while Brad and I relaxed. We took Declan and RJ for a walk around the neighborhood. D loved riding in his red wagon!

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