Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cabin Time

Saturday morning we headed up to the cabin for the weekend. We arrived to cloudy weather. After playing around the cabin, Pop and Brad took Declan for a walk to the river. 

When they returned we went into Skykomish to ride the train.  Declan rode three times! Once again he loved riding the train through the tunnel and over the bridge.
Afterwards we visited the museum to learn more about Skykomish. It had several wooden trains for Declan to explore and drive around. Next we went to Toot Sweet next door. There were many different types of candy and all sorts of trains. Declan especially liked a train that was battery operated.

We drove home for nap time, followed by dinner, lots of running around, another long walk, popcorn and a movie! Declan and Brad played "go go go" which is Declan's favorite right now!

He also loves to give RJ treats! 

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