Saturday, September 19, 2015

Train Time

Today we took Declan to Elbe to ride the Mt Rainier Scenic Train. It's about a 2 hour drive. Once we got down south it was very scenic with lots of fall colors. We arrived early and drove to Ashford. Ashford was having Rainier days and Declan got to play in the bouncy house!

Next he tried the rock wall. He did a great job. After his climb we ate our picnic lunch. 

We headed back to Elbe to the Mt Rainier Scenic Train. We got our tickets and then checked out this old locomotive from the early 1900's. The train we rode on pulled up while we were looking around. Declan yelled "choo, choo" and loved the ringing bell and chugging too. 

 On the way up to Mineral and the museum, we were in an enclosed car. It was very warm and the motion of the train made Declan sleepy!

We arrived at Mineral and explored the museum full of trains and logger cabins used by the loggers in the 1930's and 40's. Delcan had a wonderful time exploring. 

We got to climb into this engine and ring the bell! 

Playing go, go by the trains.

On the way back to Elbe, we rode in an open air train car from the 1920's with wrought iron benches. Declan loved being able to stick his head out the window before we headed back to Elbe.

                                                  Waving goodbye to the museum.

                                                            Sleepy heads...

Once we reached the station, Declan was exhausted. We got in our car to head home after a wonderful day riding the train! 

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