Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ikea, Spud's and Zoo

On Tuesday Mao and I took Declan to Ikea. He had a grand time running around Ikea. There's construction going on at the old Ikea parking garage so we watched the garage get demolished while we were there. Once we finished at Ikea we headed to Spud's for fish and chips at Greenlake. It was delicious. Declan had fallen asleep in the car and wasn't too interested in lunch until the owner brought him a small hot fudge sundae! He perked right up and ate his ice cream. 

After lunch we decided to head to the zoo for a couple of hours. We saw all the savannah animals: giraffes, zebras, hippos, antelope and more. Then we walked over to see the tigers. They were sleeping so we didn't get to see them very well. The Asian small clawed otters were very active! There were 10 of them running all over, splashing, playing, swimming and digging. We had never seen them so active! We peeked at the lions and saw the mom and dad sun bathing. The three cubs are nearly a year old now (at the end of October) and are huge! The boys were playing with bones and boxes. Next we saw the komodo dragons. We decided we better head for home before traffic! 

Komodo Dragon: 

Checking out the lion statue: 

The lioness statue 

The hippos: 

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