Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fire Station Open House

We had another busy weekend! Friday Brad treated us to dinner at Elliot Bay Pizza. Declan was so charming at the restaurant the owner let him choose a Halloween treat! Saturday was the Mill Creek garage sales! We had a wonderful time digging through other people's treasures! We were able to get several things for Declan including some books, puzzles, movies and toys, several of which we are saving for his advent calendar and Christmas gifts. We also got him a very nice wood step stool that I painted green. Now he can reach the sink to wash his hands! Saturday afternoon Declan and Brad were invited to the Linn's house for dinner and a sleepover! The Grospe family went too. The kids had a wonderful time while us ladies had a wonderful evening gorging ourselves on appetizers and playing games together. We all had so much fun. 

Sunday morning Declan insisted that we sit in the second row at church. He loved being able to peek over the chairs at Pastor Berg. Hannah was across the aisle and Declan wanted to run to her so badly he could barely stand it! He was very good during the whole service until the announcements at the end when he was too restless. Declan got many compliments from other people about his great behavior and nice smile! Roger even complimented him on his singing! 

After church we took Declan to the fire station open house! Declan got to check out the ambulance, firetruck and children's fire display. In the fire display he went into a room that was filled with "smoke." He touched a warm handle to learn that the fire on the other side of the door was making it warm and smoky. Then he crawled out the window and had help navigating the ladder. We also watched a really great demonstration of two boys being removed from an old vehicle with the jaws of life! Every firefighter was very kind to Declan and helped him explore and learn. He got a new hat,coloring book and crayons. 

Here's the presentators getting ready to use the jaws of life. 

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