Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elias visit!

Sharing popcorn! 
Elias came to our house to play on Thursday night! We had a wonderful time! Declan and I picked up Elias from daycare. We came home and took Brody for a walk. The boys ran up and down the power line trail! They were all worn out and insisted I pull them home. The wagon is pretty heavy with two little boys and a dog in it! Once we got home, they had regained their energy. They took turns riding the tricycle and Thomas the train .Brad came home and played with them outside too. Then we all had burgers for dinner. The boys were famished after playing so much. We practiced all of our animal sounds, including howling like a wolf! After dinner Declan taught Elias how to play "go, go! They had so much fun and filled our house with laughter and shrieks of joy. Scott came to get Elias and we all had popcorn in pajamas. It was a very fun evening! 

teaching Elias to use the remote

Thomas the Train 

Wagon riders 

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