Monday, November 16, 2015

Elias slumber party

Elias got to have a slumber party for two nights at our house! It was so much fun and we, especially Declan loved having him. We planned too much so we are looking forward to him coming over again to do the things we planned! 
Friday evening the boys played and played at Mao and Bop's. We got home in time to play a few minutes and go to bed. Both boys slept in Saturday morning. Elias woke up first and immediately asked for Declan. I told him Dec was still sleeping, so he ran to his room and woke him up immediately! It was so fun to see them excited to be with each other. 

Saturday morning the boys played around our house. After nap time we went to Riverview to see Lucy's play Aladdin! Both boys enjoyed the play and Lucy was the cutest penguin in the show. After the show, we went to Ixtapa for dinner with Sarah's family and Michelle, Wilson and Abby. The boy shared bean dip and a quesadilla. They were covered in beans! They entertained all of us with their animal sounds. After dinner we headed home to sleep! We were all worn out. 

Sunday we all went to church. It was quite the experience with two 2 year olds! Declan decided to show off for his cousin and both boys were very goofy and silly during the service which included spitting skittles everywhere! After church we went to Mao and Bop's house for dinner with the whole family. Dennis and Sharon Tonsager from Colorado were there to eat with us too! We had a great afternoon enjoying everyone's company! 

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