Friday, November 6, 2015

Birthday boy

On Declan's birthday Daddy was still in Austin for work. I had gotten up early to put up a few more decorations for his party. When I heard his little voice calling for me, I went in his room singing happy birthday to him. He smiles at me and while I changed his diaper I continued singing. He kissed me and told me "happy birthday, mama.!" It sounded a little like happy birthday, anyway! I made chocolate chip pancakes for his breakfast, lit a candle and sang to him again. He loves the birthday song. 

We went to swimming, which is our usual Friday routine. Declan loved kicking in the water. Paula and Mao were there to watch him swim. After swimming Declan went to Great Nana's condo with Mao for waffles. I had to go to the dentist unexpectedly for a temporary root canal! Fun! 

Once I finished at the dentist I went to my parent's house. Declan was sound asleep. When he woke up, he got to open his birthday presents from Mao and Bop and Great Nana. He was so excited, but wasn't quite sure what to do. He realized he could rip the paper, but only saw a box so he was a little disappointed. We helped him to get it open and he found a bag for his Radio Flyer. He was excited to put stuff in it and carry it around. It will be great for when we go to the zoo! 

Next Declan opened his gifts from Mao and Bop! They gave him a collapsing soccer goal and Mickey Mouse soccer ball! He loved it. Declan even golfed into the goal. He yelled "goal" each time he made it in. 

Declan and I went home to have dinner together. A box had arrived from Aunt Whitney so we opened that. He was thrilled to see a train tunnel and hot wheels. I love watching him open boxes.He yells wow when he sees what's in each one. We called Aunt Whitney to thank her and he was thrilled to show her his new train tunnel. We played with his soccer goal and then he went to bed. While Declan slept I put together his birthday gift from Brad and me. Brad was delayed in Austin and didn't make it home until 3:30 in the morning. 

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