Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Birthday

Since Brad was gone for Declan's birthday, we celebrated with Declan on Saturday. He woke up and came out to find his kitchen all built and ready to play. He loved it. He cooked and cooked. Brad and I worked around the house while he played in his kitchen. Declan and left to go have birthday pictures take by Trysha. It was a hard photo shoot. Declan was a little grouchy with pictures. He wanted to play instead of smiling and sitting still. Trysha still managed to get some great shots, but it was a lot of work to get him to smile!

We headed home for a quick lunch and a nap. After his nap Daddy treated the three of us to the Peanuts Movie! It was great. Declan was totally enamored with being in the theater and eating popcorn.The movie was very cute. I loved that many of Charles Schulz's original sketches were included in the movie.

After the movie we took Declan out for a burger, which he didn't want to eat! However he had no problem devouring the ice cream that came with his meal! We headed for home and he got to open his presents from his family. He got two really cute outfits, a book and cars from his Nana. His Charlotte cousins set him an awesome soccer ball. We are so excited that he has two soccer balls now so that we can play with him and his goal! They also sent him two really fun books that he was so excited to read.

He also got a wonderful name book from Elias and his parents. Declan  listened to each page and pointed to the letters as I read to him. He loved it. We were laughing because Declan wouldn't open any more packages until we read him each book.

Declan headed off to bed all worn out and ready to party the next day!

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