Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cookie Day!

Saturday we had our annual cookie day in Snohomish. Before we started our cookies, Mom and I went to the Dicken's Fair at Cavalero to look at the arts and crafts. We were home by 11:30 to start baking. Mom had made all the dough, so all we had to do was bake the cookies. Brad and I got started rolling the sugar cookie dough and cutting out the cookies. As soon as those started coming out of the oven, Brad began decorating. Paula and Great Nana arrived and started rolling all the chocolate star cookies and the peanut butter balls. Kristine, Scott and Elias came over too. The little boys played and then helped decorate while Kristine rolled more cookies.  Paula and I started the Krumkake and the joy of burning our fingers! After standing over the hot iron for over an hour, I declared it was time for nacho dip lunch. After lunch both the boys headed upstairs for a nap and we all took a short break to sit on the couch. Next we tried to make rosettes. It was nearly a disaster, but turned out ok. After the rosettes, we worked on the star cookies. We decided to start heading for home but realized we hadn't made the shortbread! Brad, Mom and I quickly rolled the dough and pressed it. Phew! It was a busy but fun cookie day! 

The boys like to decorate with "extra sprinkles!!" 

Bop and Scott were happy to supervise and help with the cookie tasting! 

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