Thursday, December 31, 2015

Slumber Party

Wednesday after brunch I dropped off Declan for a slumber party with Mao and Bop! He was so excited and kept saying "Mao, Bop, show, bopcorn" For some reason he thinks when he has a slumber party that means a movie and popcorn! Mao and Bop indulged him and they watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" together with a big buttery bowl of bopcorn! 

While Declan had a slumber party, Brad and I went to dinner and the show Book of Mormon. It was incredible! The actors were so talented we couldn't believe it. We laughed and totally enjoyed the show. It was wonderful to have a date night. 

I picked up Declan the following morning. Bop had gone skiing, so Declan, Mao and I went for a chilly walk on the river in Snohomish. Then we came home and visited with Lucy, Jack, Auntie Sarah and Sheila. We had Christmas cookies and the kids played.
Declan and I went home to see Brad and we made a delicious steak dinner. Declan headed off the bed. Brad and I watched Star Wars. I fell asleep about 8:45 ( yes, on New Years Eve). When I woke up at 10, I couldn't go back to sleep and rang in the new year while Brad and Declan snoozed. 

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