Saturday, January 2, 2016

Snow shoe

Today we took Declan and Brody on their first snowshoeing trip! We went down by Snoqualmie to Gold Creek. It was a beautiful and very chilly day, about 20 degrees. 

Here are the guys getting ready to start walking! 

Here they are walking on the pond! 

Brody is so tiny, you can barely see his little body near Brad in the distance!

Declan loved playing in the snow! 

Declan is attempting to make a snow angel. 

Sampling the snow 

Brad and Brody modeling how to make a snow angel 

On the way back Brody and Declan both rode in the toboggan. We were both so impressed with how far Brody was able to walk in the snow! He's so tiny and gets cold so easily we didn't think he would love it as much as he did. 

Declan was asleep before we got turned around to leave the parking spot. He was even snoring! 

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