Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adventure Week Day Nine: Easter Parade Saturday

Saturday we met Grammy, Pop and Elias in Snohomish for the Easter Parade. Brad, Declan and I got there early to get a good spot on the sidewalk. Declan and Brad went for a walk on the river while I watched our spot. I walked to the overlook and yelled "Declan." He turned to wave to me and his whole face looked delighted to see me way up there looking down at him.

The parade started at 11 and the boys loved it. For half of the parade they both sat quietly on my lap. We saw big trucks decorated like bunnies, pirates, tractors, ponies, dancers, the high school band, the Sauerkraut band, horses, calves, and all sorts of other things. Elias really liked the tractors. Declan liked the pirate ship shooting cannon balls.

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