Friday, April 3, 2015

Adventure Week Day Eight: Friday Swimming

You'll notice I skipped day seven. That's because we were supposed to go to the Tulip Festival but ended up not being able to do that activity. Instead Declan and I ran errands and cleaned.

On day eight, Declan had swimming lessons and Waffle Friday. Elias joined us! We met at the pool and were able to splash in the kids area for a few minutes together. When Declan's lesson started, Elias stayed with Grammy in the kids area.

Declan jumped into the pool twice all by himself, but when Paula arrived to take pictures and video, he stood on the side and didn't want to jump. He did all sorts of goofy things, including sitting down and putting one foot in. Since it was the last day of this session, we got to go in the lazy river. Elias could see us going by and wanted to do it too.

Next Declan and I went down the big water slide! He didn't scream in terror and freak out! He didn't want to do it again, but it's improvement.

Here we are doing the hokey pokey

After lessons were over I took Elias into the lazy river and he had a great time. He wanted to get out and walk in the river, not realizing he couldn't touch the ground. Unfortunately the video of Elias in the river is too large to be on the blog.

We headed in to get dressed. In my rush to get extra swim diapers and an extra suit, I forgot to pack a regular diaper. I didn't realize this until Paula had Declan naked and ready to get dressed! Grammy was changing Elias and ripped the side of his diaper so both boys were diaper-less. Paula ran out to the car to our diaper bag and was able to rescue both boys.

We headed to Frugal's next. All the clothes were $1 but we didn't find anything for us. Nana was waiting for us with Paula at her condo so we went there for waffles. Both boys loved the waffles and had a great time playing with Great Nana. Declan and I headed home for a nap.

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