Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adventure Week Day Six: Playground and Pizza Wednesday

Today Declan and Elias went to Ferguson Park in Snohomish to swing. Elias loved swinging and kept saying more, more! Declan tried the slide also but the steps were too big for him!
We decided to head to the park on 3rd and I. It was a perfect park for two little boys. Everything was just their size. They had a wonderful time going down the slide and climbing the pretend rock wall.
On the way home both boys drifted to sleep. Elias went straight to bed, while Declan rode his trike and played in the yard. Then we had pizza for lunch. Declan was so worn he fell asleep in the high chair eating. We took him up to bed for a nap.
Elias woke up and immediately wanted to play the piano.  Once Declan awakened he and I headed for home.

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