Friday, August 21, 2015

Water table scientist

Friday Declan played in the water table at our house. I laid in the hammock and watched him splash, explore and discover. He had a milk jug, a watering can, a funnel and a few sour cream containers to play with. 

After some free exploration time with each of the items, I noticed Declan do the following: 

He decided to fill up the milk jug. First he used the measuring cup to try to get water into the milk jug. It was a slow process and didn't really go well. 

Next I watched him use the watering can to pour water into the jug. This worked much faster, but was very slopping, spilling lots of water down the side of the jug. 

Last Declan placed the funnel into the lid of the jug. Using the watering can he then poured water into the funnel and away it went into the jug! He seemed very pleased with the results and filled the jug to the brim before dumping it all over himself! 

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