Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Accident

It's been an interesting two weeks around our house. Our little monkey has been having lots of screen time, lots of time with Daddy and Grammy and Papa. After our bike ride on August 8th, I crashed and tore up my leg very badly. I got a ride in the aid car and left the hospital five hours later with 37 stitches holding three different, very deep cuts together. I've been moving slowly and not doing a whole lot of activity. Declan's a real trooper and just dealt with mommy being laid up on the couch. He's done a great job of helping me recover. Declan knows I'm supposed to drink lots of water so he often jabs me in the mouth with the straw on the cup. He's also become very good at helping me get RJ outside. He will run to the door and attempt to open it yelling "Go RJJJJJ, go RJJJJJJ." Sometimes he even pushes RJ's bottom! Declan loves to help me arrange the ice on my "ouchie, wow." He will even carry dishes to the sink for me and drops them in with a loud clatter. What a boy!

1 comment:

  1. What a great little guy! He is special.
    So sorry to hear about your cycling accident! Were you going fast? Was Declan with you at the time?
    Just know that we love you!