Thursday, August 6, 2015

Music in Jennings Park

Wednesday Grammy and I took the boys to Jennings parked in Marysville to listen to the Brian Waite Band. The boys got a balloon and beach ball to play with. They both enjoyed the music. After the music we got in the car to head for home. We drove past a kids block party and decided to turn in. We had a great time. The boys bounced in the bouncy house, made a picture with tempera paint on the spinner, made a necklace and played a variety of games earning candy along the way. One of my former students painted a snake on Declan and a fish on Elias. They even got a lunch of hot dogs and chips. Our friends Jack, Kayden, Kayla and Abi helped the boys with all of the activities. We headed for home and the boys took a nap. When they got up, Papa made chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. It was delicious. Declan and I headed home after that. He wasn't feeling very good and was very tired so we decided to have a movie night. We had a small bowl of ice cream. After we ate Declan even took the bowl and spoon over to the sink. What a sweetheart!

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