Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bike riding

Saturday we decided to go for a bike ride. We parked near church and road to the Woodinville play area . We stopped at the Woodinville farmers market  and walk through  checking out the fresh fruit, photographs and flowers. From there we decided to try the Tripplehorn brewery. We had to write up a huge long hill in order to get there. I couldn't believe that I made it up the hill. I only had to walk once for about a hundred feet. Once we got there we chose a game to play and found a spot to sit. We tried a delicious blackberry beer, perfect for summer time. The three of us shared a brie cheese and bacon sandwich it was delicious. We played a couple more games and Declan was interested in watching racing on TV. He made a new friend named Fiona. They were both curious how the umbrellas on the table went up and down. Shortly after another family came in and we spent most of our afternoon talking with them and having our kids play together. It was a wonderful afternoon.

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