Monday, March 14, 2016

Los Cabos Monday!

We got up early and walked down to the beach. The beach is about three miles of  gorgeous sand. It's a coarse sand, filled with small shells. Hardly anyone is on the beach as most people prefer to be at the pool so we really enjoyed our time down there. No vendors or spring breakers were on the beach with us. There's a steep incline to the water. Several people die each each ignoring the warning signs and are swept away in the riptide.  The water is way too dangerous to swim, but the tide was coming in so high that Brad held on to Declan and let him dip his toes in the water.

Of course we had to stop on the way to visit with the Koi and turtles... 

Pool time! 

The pool was fabulous: nice and warm with comfortable chairs all around the edges. Each pool had a shallow area where Declan could play, walk and swim. There was a deep area too where Declan could jump into the water and swim. He loved his "puddle jumpers" and felt like he could swim and float so well by himself!

Monday evening we walked all over Cabo looking for a good place for dinner. The streets were crowded and we were indecisive! Declan fell asleep in his stroller and slept the rest of the night! We ended up at the Cabo Cantina for dinner. I had shrimp fajitas (again) and Brad had an enchilada. Both were great! 

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