Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Los Cabos- Wednesday!

Wednesday morning was my birthday! We got up, made eggs and bacon and got ready for our Dolphin Encounter. We walked into town to the dolphin pool. Once we arrived we could see into the dolphin pool. The dolpins were playing together and chirping loudly!

 We were in a group of 8 and got to spend about an hour with the dolphin and trainer. Several other groups were also in the pool near us so we could see what those dolphins were doing as well. First we were introduced to our dolphin, a six year old girl named Morai. She was playful, frisky and a bit naughty too! She came right up onto the platform we were standing in so we could pet her soft skin. Next she performed a few tricks for us followed by us giving her a hug. We then got the chance to give her a kiss and get a kiss. Everyone in our group got to kiss her. I went first. She tasted salty on my lips! After a few kisses for our group, Morai took off swimming with her best friend. A baby dolphin was in a nearby pool and they wanted to check on her. It took a while for her to come back. During that break we learned about dolphins and watched a dolphin named Freya do the moon walk. Once she came back we got to pet her again and dance with her. Morai did several flips, dives and dances for us! She was amazing.

We also checked out the two parrots that were at the dolphin center. Declan loved watching them hold a corn on the cob in their claws and eat with their pointed beaks!

After our dolphin encounter, we headed into the mercado. Declan got an ice cream. 

Of course we spent the afternoon at the pool. I got to have a Cabo vice drink for my birthday: pina colada and mango! It was delicious. That evening we went to the beach party hosted by our hotel. It was a buffet dinner with fish, chicken, salads, a huge dessert bar and more. The food was good and the entertainment was excellent. There was a conga line, limbo competition and dancing with a live band. We all had a great time, except Declan fell asleep right after dinner! 

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