Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Los Cabos- Tuesday

Tuesday morning we once again got up and headed to the beach and pool for the day. The beach was gorgeous with just a few fisherman and walkers enjoying the sand. We had no vendors or crazy spring breakers on our three mile section of beach! The resort even had sand toys for Declan to play with!

Declan got to feed the Koi and the turtles breakfast! He loved it! 

Afer nap time, we took Declan up to the exclusive part of our resort called the Ridge. There's two infinity pools, a kids pool and most importantly a WATER SLIDE! Declan was in heaven. It was a short slide and open (not a tube) so he could see where he was going while riding with us. I think we did it 20 times. On the Ridge we were able to see the entire marina and harbor area of Los Cabos. It was a beautiful view.

After a wonderful day we went to the marina and walked along listening to vendors trying to get our attention. We found a place called Jack's Steakhouse. Captain Jack Sparrow was standing outside greeting people as they walked past. We stopped in and had a delicious steak dinner! Captain Jack chatted with us through out our meal. It was a great time! Then we started on the long walk home, stopping at Eco Bar for a quick drink. 

Dec did a little dance at the bar! 

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