Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moab on Wednesday

Wednesday morning we packed up our belongings at camp. We ate a delicious breakfast of potatoes, eggs, bacon and toast. Then we headed into town so Brad could rent a mountain bike. We had to wait until after our next campsite opened up before Brad could ride. We took Declan to the park in Moab and played with him.

Then we drove along the Colorado River and looked at the amazing canyons. 

We headed to our new campsite and set up our tent. Then Declan and I took Brad to get his bike and headed to Slickrock. He rode for a few hours while Declan and I wandered around town and went on the swing at the park again. Brad called us for a ride when he was done. 

After dropping of Brad's bike we wandered around Moab together. Then we went back to our campsite, had dinner and went for a swim in the pool! We turned in early after another busy, wonderful day! 

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