Friday, May 16, 2014


Brad and I have been very blessed to have such a smiley, happy boy. Everywhere we go people say to me "is your baby always so happy?" Yes, he is! It's interesting to me that people don't expect a baby to be happy and that people don't expect a smile from a stranger. As Declan and I walked through Winco on Wednesday, he smiled at an old man, a young woman and another child. Then he found the sketchiest man in the entire store and gave him an ear splitting grin. The man was delighted. He smiled back and talked to Declan. Then he looked at me with sad eyes and told me it was the first time he'd been smiled at all week. Declan had made his week with just one smile. How incredibly heart breaking that no one had smiled at this man, probably because of the way he was dressed, his long hair and unkempt appearance. To me this is a tragedy that other people can't offer the simple kindness of a smile. At this same time I wonder as a mother how I will encourage Declan's unconditional smiles at strangers. How can I teach him about strangers but also teach him that I believe humans are innately good and if you give kindness you'll receive kindness?
A simple lesson from a baby: smile at others. It can change their entire day. I'm going to try it. Will you?

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