Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday

It's been beautiful weather here! Unseasonably warm temperatures have let us get outside and enjoy spring! Its been so warm, I've been wearing shorts and flip flops.

On Wednesday Elias invited us to go to Meadowdale park with him and his daddy. Declan and I made our picnic lunhc and went to get Uncle Scott and EE. The boys rode in their packs for the walk through the woods to the beach. It was a perfect day on the Puget Sound. We could see the Olympic mountains in the distance. The boys had a great time looking around. Delcan is 5 months and 4 weeks and Elias is 8 months and 4 weeks in this picture. Uncle Scott is 40 ;-)
Declan, Uncle Scott, Elias

Beach bums!

Sleepy Elias 

Declan relaxing in the grass after the beach

On Thursday we met Sam, Avery, Sandi, Andria and Sage at Forest Park to play! It was hot. Declan mostly played on his blanket while the girls ran around the play area. We had lunch together too. Declan went on the swing for the first time and loved it! 

Avery, Declan, Andria and Sage 

Avery (almost 3), Declan, Andria (almost 4), and Sage (19 months) 
Declan sure loves the girls! He's eagerly awaiting the birth of Avery's little brother in a few weeks!

Here's a little video of Declan swinging at the park. His friend Avery is swinging next to him.

Swinging baby 

After the park we had to do a little shopping at Target. When we got home we enjoyed our backyard. Daddy came home and took Declan in the hammock! Here he is! 

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