Saturday, May 17, 2014

Road Trip Day 1 and 2

On Friday we picked up Brad from work about noon and headed towards Utah! We stopped in Yakima for gas and Sonic slushes. Here's Declan getting ready to drive on the next leg of our trip.

We continued down into eastern Oregon and stopped at Deadman's Pass so Declan could have a picnic dinner. 

Then we headed for Idaho. Apparently it was Boise State graduation plus a softball tournament, so there were no hotels in any of the outlying cities, or in Boise. It was so buggy and gross driving in the evening that it sounded like rain on our windshield.

I started calling hotels and finally we found one. The lady told us we were very lucky because someone had just cancelled when I called. We made it to Boise and our hotel about 10. We woke up early and were on the road again. Here's Brad debugging the car

We stopped in Twin Falls Idaho to look at the river gorge and see the falls. There were a bunch of people jumping from the bridge. 

You can see the jumpers:

Here we are at the falls 

Afterward we jumped back in the car and drove to Ogden. While deriving I saw a hawk swoop down and pick up a little rabbit for lunch. We stopped for lunch and let Declan roll around in the grass. We continued on and reached Green River just outside of Moab this evening. We saw lots of other campers heading for Moab too. 

We went for a swim in our hotel pool. Declan loved it and kicked and splashed. Tomorrow we will head to Arches!

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