Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Camping at the Ocean Sunday, July 27th

Sunday morning Declan awakened to our camping neighbors getting ready to go fishing. We got up early with him, broke down our tent, packed our gear, ate breakfast and wandered down to the beach. We checked out the starfish again and played a bit in the sand. We walked back to camp and got ready to head out. Declan fell asleep on Brad's shoulder while walking back.

A very tired baby! 

After leaving La Push we headed to Second Beach. La Push is on First Beach. Super creative names, I know. Anyway, we hiked 3/4 of a mile down to the beautiful beach. We played in the sand and the water. 

I LOVE to hike!

The Linn's and Christiane joined us for lunch and a long walk on Second Beach. 

There's something about her that puts guys to sleep. 

We hiked back to our cars and started the trek home. On the way we stopped and admired the crystal clear blue waters of Crescent Lake. 

Our little group on the ferry home 

We got home late Sunday after a wonderful weekend with our fabulous friends. We couldn't have asked for a better trip! 

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