Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tim Noah Concert in the Park and Movies in the Park

 Missy and I took Declan to the concert in the park to hear Tim Noah! Declan loved it. He wiggled to the music and watched all the kids dancing and singing along. Afterwards we took Declan down to the lake to put his toes in the water. He liked squishing his feet in the sad. Then we headed home and had grilled cheese with Missy. Declan showed Missy his cars pool and he splashed around until nap time.

Toes in the sand

After nap time it was too hot to wear clothes! Here's D in his swing.
In the hammock
Daddy came home from work and we headed to the movies in the park. We saw the movie Frozen!  Elsa and Anna were even there. It was fun to watch all the little girls go wild over the princesses. Declan fell asleep right when the movie started and slept the whole time. It got a little chilly but he was all bundled and stayed warm.

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