Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun!

On Saturday Declan, Brad and I went to Rose and Chris's house to play with Joel and Cameron. Chris barbecued burgers and Rose made delicious pico de gallo. We splashed around in the kiddie pool and then headed home for Declan's nap time.
Cameron and Declan 

After nap time we went in the hammock for a bit and then headed to Willis Tucker. We got there and the water for the splash park wasn't working! Thankfully the ranger was able to get it fixed. It's been in the 90's here and we really needed to cool down! The water started shooting out and Declan's legs started wiggling like crazy! He loved it! 
When will it cool down? 

On Sunday Declan slept until 8 which nearly made us late for church! After church we headed to Ballard for the Seafood Festival. It was really warm, but we still enjoyed walking around and looking at the booths, especially the firetrucks. 

 The firefighters let us crawl up into both the truck. Declan loved pushing and pulling on the steering wheel.

We grabbed some fish and chips for lunch.Then we headed back up to our area and splashed around in Matha Lake. I wouldn't recommend it; it was a bit dirty and gross. 

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