Sunday, July 20, 2014

Festival Weekend!

Saturday we took Declan to the Kla Ha Ya Days parade in Snohomish. Grammy and Pop joined us. Declan really enjoyed looking at everything going by. He loved the marching bands and the horses. We got lots of candy thrown at us thanks to Declan. After the parade was over a man from the Sauerkraut band came by with his trombone. Declan's whole body was excited to see the trombone! He grabbed onto it and wouldn't let go. Missy, Joel and Stella walked over to visit us for a few minutes. Later we walked up the to street fair and look at the local vendors. We headed back to Grammy and Pop's house for egg salad and angel food cake. Declan wanted a nap so we headed home. While the lucky little guy slept Brad and I worked on the evil bamboo in our backyard. We got a bunch out.
Waiting for the parade to begin

Kla Ha Ya float with a bike, frog, canoe and hot air balloon

Leia, Luke and Ben 

The Ixtapa Horses

Admiring the trombone

Sunday morning after French toast we headed to church. At church we sat next to a tall, pretty woman and her two children. She looked like one of my good friends I used to teach with and sure enough it was her daughter and grandkids. They normally go to an earlier service than us. As usual Declan "sang" most of the songs with us. After church we went to get Brad sized for a suit for an upcoming wedding he's in. We ran a couple of errands and then headed to the Mill Creek community festival. First we walked around and looked at the street fair and vendors. Then we went to the pet area where the Reptile Man was presenting. We learned about an alligator named Alice, a diamond back rattler, a milk snake, a Burmese albino python, a boa constrictor, a cobra, tortoise and a blue tongued lizard. It was really cool! We got to touch and hold some of the reptiles too. After the festival we had lunch at home and went to work on the bamboo again! The first big patch is finally gone! It only took a month and a half!

Albino Burmese python

Oh yes, he grabbed right on to that snake! 

Alice the Alligator! 

Touching the tortoise 

Holding the blue tongue Skink lizard

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