Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zoo Day

In July we took Declan to the zoo. It was so much fun because this time he could see the animals! He loved it. We headed down in the morning and started admiring the animals. We took a break for lunch and then wandered around some more.

 I think D's favorite animals were the penguins and river otters because they would zoom right passed him! He also liked petting the goats in the petting zoo and driving the tractor. He smiled and waved to many of the animals!
Baby giraffe

The Savannah

Hippo: best animal at the zoo!


Komodo Dragon

River Otter


Cheetah on the prowl

After a great day at the zoo we met Daddy at Greenlake for dinner. Then we went for a walk around the lake. Declan wanted to go in the wading pool too. 

We saw one of Pianos on Parade so Declan played a tune with Daddy. 

Then Daddy headed of to play volleyball and we took home a very tired little boy! What a great day! 

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