Sunday, December 8, 2013

A weekend of parties

This was a busy weekend for our little boy. We had three parties. First on Friday we had a 30th birthday party. Declan met a few new people: Joel, Christiane and Jenna. He also saw the Linn's, Grospe's and Missy. He slept most of the party.

Getting a kiss from Avery!

On Saturday Declan went to Brad's work party at MG2. We had a great dinner and even did a little dancing. He's wearing the shirt necktie his grammy made for him. he looked very handsome. 
He's dancing so fast he's blurry! 

Big yawn!

 On Sunday we went to the annual holiday party at the Hanson's. He met the Huth's and the Butler's. We watched the Seahawks game, stuffed ourselves with food and did an ornament exchange.  I only took a couple of pictures. 
Joel and Ava eating cupcakes

Jessica holding Declan 

Declan's pretty tired from his busy weekend! Did I mention we also decorated our house and went to church? Busy, busy! 

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