Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day!

Declan's first Christmas day was great! We had stayed the night at Grammy and Pop's house. In the morning we got up and Santa had brought Declan a See and Say toy. He loves it! He sits quietly and listens to it. We had a Dutch Baby for breakfast. Then Declan took a nap in his swing and Brad and I helped get the table ready for dinner. Dick and Roberta came over and we visited with them. Then Scott, Kristine and Elias arrived. Pop went to go get Great Nana and Todd. She came in her wheel chair. Declan took another short nap. Paula, Dan, Krista and Traci came later. We had a great New York Roast for dinner with mashed potatoes, green salad, broccoli and more. Of course Declan woke up right when dinner was hot! Later on Chess came over to spend the rest of Christmas with us. We made ornaments with Krista and Traci. Then the Barnards left and we opened presents and ate cookies. Then we packed up and headed for home. We opened our Hamilton presents when we got home and then went straight to bed!
Pop, Declan, Grammy and Elias 

Wearing the Rudolph hats Grammy made for the boys

Grammy and Declan 

Great Nana Hope and Declan 

Pop and Declan with the present he made for Grammy and Pops

Grandpa Dick and Elias 

Todd was being mean to me so I sat on his lap for punishment!

Scott and Elias 

Elias on his chair from Grammy and Pop

Todd giving Nana her antlers

The Barnards with Nana

Declan on his giraffe chair from Grammy and Pop

Nana and Dan 

Nana and Krista

Elias with his bear from Great Nana 

Great Nana and Rudolph Declan 

Uncle Scott and Declan 

Elias playing with his See n' Say from Declan with Auntie Kristine and Pop

Declan and me 

Uncle Todd, Me, Declan, Brad, Uncle Scott, Elias and Auntie Kristine

The whole family 

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