Monday, December 23, 2013


Last night we took Declan to Bethlehem! A local church had a Christmas extravaganza including a trip 2000 years back in time to Bethlehem. It was amazing. The floors were covered in sawdust and sparkly stars hung from the ceiling. Vendors were dressed in traditional clothes and sold dried fruit, bread, jewelry, candles, farming tools and all sorts of things. Declan dipped a candle in wax, had his name put on a stone and had his picture with a soldier of Rome outside the jail! 
Then we went to see the live nativity and the synagogue. Declan saw baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It was Auntie Amanda's brother and his family playing in the nativity. They had donkeys, goats, and a live camel! 
Baby Roman is about 3 and a half months old in this picture. He's so much bigger than Declan who is taking a snooze. 

Afterwards we went to the sanctuary for a short candle light service with lots of Christmas carols. It was great! Grammy and Pops joined us on it trip to Bethlehem. 

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