Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life at our house

Poor Declan and I are sharing thrush. It isn't a lot of fun and makes for a cranky baby and a sore mommy. Last night Declan was so inconsolable we couldn't get him to go to sleep. We tried everything we could think of without any luck for nearly 2 hours. Since our baby doesn't control our lives, we did not take him for a car ride to fall asleep, rather Brad and I decided we wanted to see the pretty Christmas lights. Declan came along and he happened to fall asleep on the ride! Lucky us! 

Tonight he's had some medicine for the thrush and is starting to feel a bit better. He and daddy did their ab workout and then Declan fell asleep on the couch. Kitty Bo decided it would be a great time to try to get in a snuggle too! RJ is also laying on the floor right next to the couch. 

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