Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday the Capital Tour!

Monday morning was spent at the Capital taking a fabulous guided tour. Our tour guide, Wes, was great! He took us on a two hour tour of the Capital including the rotunda, old Supreme Court, the senate and the house galleries. The rotunda is all under scaffolding for the next two years for repairs.

Here we are in the new visitor's center with several statues. 

This is the middle of the capital. People used to rub their feet in it for good luck. 

The original supreme court 

Here you can see the inside of the rotunda. The paintings are protected from the repairs

George Washington ascending into heaven. 

Original Senate 

Outside the capital 

Next we went to the National Gallery. Declan didn't really enjoy it until he realized his voice echoed. He spent the rest of the time there pushing his stroller and yelling. 

After the gallery, we took a ride on the carousel outside the Smithsonian. Declan loved it! We chose a horse with a DC theme painted on his sides. 

After the carousel ride, which Declan thoroughly enjoyed, we walked over to the Smithsonian Castle. We checked out the outside then walked inside to look around. 

Last we walked past the Supreme Court. 

 Declan was totally and completely worn out, so we took him to visit Uncle Chris and Aunt Cyn. We rode the metro to their office. Then Chris took us to visit a home they are remodeling near the National Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful with many details designed by Cyn and Chris. We headed to dinner at a restaurant called Spice for fish. It was delicious. We rode the metro back to our hotel and collapsed after another very long and exciting day.

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