Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Declan had a very busy Halloween! In the morning we played and made frosting for his birthday party cupcakes. He even got to try some! He loved it. Then we headed off to swimming lessons. Declan is getting to be a great little swimmer. He doesn't mind having his head in the water at all now! When I put his head under, he looked up at Grammy and she clapped for him. He clapped right back at her. We also practiced blowing bubbles and floating on his back.

After swimming, we went to Great Nana's as usual, except Declan wasn't Declan, he was a sock monkey! He looked really cute in his costume from his Grammy. He rang the doorbell to trick or treat Great Nana. She had a special Halloween pumpkin sock monkey for Declan.  Carolyn Wexler joined us for cookies. She wanted to see Declan all dressed up for trick or treat.
Great Nana and the Sock Monkey 

Carolyn and the Sock Monkey 

Declan was all worn out after visiting Great Nana, but we weren't done yet! We wanted to visit Papa in costume as well. He got a 10 minute snooze on the way over. 

Declan wasso tired at Grammy and Papa's house that he kept laying on the carpet at the end of our visit. We packed up and headed home for a nap. Daddy got home and we had a short break from the rain. We went down our street to trick or treat at a few houses. The rain started up again and we headed for home. Declan was thrilled with all of his candy. He looked and looked at in his pumpkin. We fed him his dinner and he got to try a junior mint, which he loved. Then it was time for pj's and off to bed. 

Riding off to trick or treat

Home from trick or treating and a little bit wet! 

In the morning he couldn't wait to to pull out all the candy in his pumpkin and look at it again. He really liked holding his sucker. I guess it's good that he doesn't know what candy is so he's not mad that he doesn't get any!

Checking out his candy in the morning. 

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