Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday: Mount Vernon, Georgetown and more memorials

Tuesday morning we visited George and Martha Washington's estate at Mount Vernon. It was incredible from the mansion to the 16 sided barn modeled after the one Washington designed. We loved spending our day there. We were able to see several outbuildings showing how the slaves lived and worked. We also got to see the gardens and lower farm area. We walked to the grave site, the wharf and all around the farm.

After visiting Mount Vernon we drove to Georgetown, where we met Aunt Cyn and Mandy. We gave them all of our luggage and then they headed off to pick up Iya. Brad then drove our rental car to the airport to drop it off. Declan and I walked all over Georgetown. We walked down the main street, passing all the fancy shops. We made it to the university. Declan played in the grass there and enjoyed watching all of the students. Then we walked back to meet Brad. 
Beautiful homes in Georgetown 

Playing at the university 

We met up with Brad and walked down past the canal to the river. There was an ice skating rink and beautiful fountain. We met Dallas and Sharon Tonsager for a delicious meal at Farmers. Fishers, Bakers.

We decided we wanted to check out the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and the Washington Monument in the dark, so we walked all around that area. It had been about 55 during the day, but got colder as the day went on. 

We hiked back to the metro and rode to Cyn and Chris's house. We headed to bed in the attic room. It was another jam packed day! 

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