Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday in DC

We woke up early Wednesday morning. Shortly after waking, we heard a knock on our door. Nana Lynne and Aunt Whitney had finally arrived! They came upstairs to give Declan hugs and kisses. He had big smiles for them. When we headed down to breakfast, we were greeted by Uncle Grant, Aunt Melissa, Cousins Thomas, William and Elizabeth. They had all arrived just after we'd gone to bed the night before. We had a great breakfast with all of them and Cyn, Chris, Iya, Mandy, Lynda and Jim.

Soon after breakfast we headed out to the museums. It was a yucky day outside with a rain and snow mix. We decided to check out the air and space museum. We had a great time learning about flight and space missions. The kids crawled around the planes and stood in awe looking at the space shuttles. We ate lunch in the cafeteria after exploring.

After lunch we headed to the Natural History museum. We looked at mammals, photographs of the wild, the Hope Diamond, dinosaurs, and bones. All the kids were exhausted. We were happy to head back to Cyn and Chris's house. 

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