Friday, July 10, 2015

July Swim!

 Today was Declan's last swim lesson for the session. We will start again in August. He had a great lesson today. Declan has been taking lessons for over a year now. He's had great instructors and loves being in the water. He's really good at jumping in the water, but needs to work on pulling himself out of the water. He loves to swim on his tummy and is getting better at blowing bubbles. Some days he loves to float on his back and other days he hates it. Great Nana, Grammy, Grand Paula and Elias all watched him swim. He eagerly jumped into the water, floated on his back and kicked his feet. He got to go down the water slide and the lazy river today too. He asked to go down slide three times! Woohoo!! That's a huge change from past lessons where he screams in terror.  Here are a few pics and videos from Paula.
Getting ready to jump in! 
Great Nana, Grammy and Elias observing swim

Playing in the lazy river 

Walking up to the slide 

The water slide from the outside 

Getting ready to jump in

Climb out on your own, Declan 

Declan's teacher Mr. Cody waiting at the bottom of the slide

Jumping in

Lazy River 


Jumping in 

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