Thursday, July 9, 2015

Music in the Park and Spray Pad time!

Yesterday Elias came to our house in the morning to play! Declan was so excited to have him over. As soon as he finished eating breakfast he hugged and hugged him. Then the two ran around chasing each other and shrieking with joy. We loaded up the car and met Sandi, Andria, Sage, Caden, Grammy and Pop in Marysville for a children's concert by the Not Its. The kids loved the music and danced along. A local dentist was there giving out balloons, bubbles and beach balls which they all loved too. Me... not as much since I spent a lot of the time chasing the beach ball down the hill! We had a picnic lunch then loaded up the kids and went to the spray pad!

At the spray pad I managed to capture a few pictures of the elusive Elias! All the kids loved the water and ran in and out getting soaked! 

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